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See Revelation CNN Promoting Worship of the Pope Some of you may recall a video I did a little over 4 years ago wherein I showed the Scriptural and historic proof that the mortal wound that was administered to the Pope back in AD in the exact year the Prophet Daniel predicted was finally healed. And now we see CNN, a News Network known for their fake news, has decided to create a docuseries about the Pope being the most powerful man in the world wherein the Pope is declared a man of his own word instead of God's Word just as Jesus predicted he would do in John so as to bolster their network's ratings while at the same time confirm what we stated years ago that the mortal wound is clearly healed.

So, how did it get so bad wherein a man drenched in sin and criminal acts is declared a global moral leader? How was the Pope of Rome able to get his wound healed so quickly? It was all thanks to the many false prophets most people think are their pastors today. They refuse to speak of the Pope in Rome because on one hand they fear losing their tax free status, and on the other hand they can't sufficiently preach or teach the prophecies because you can only understand them when you're obedient to the God that wrote the prophecies.

And if that's not bad enough, they even created an image to the beast in Rome just as the Lord prophesied they would so as to further lock down their state of defiance against the Lord their God. He actually made it a point to stand in front of the camera that day just to make that claim so as to hide what's really happening behind Vatican walls as we speak. This is why CNN just announced their new docuseries. It will catapult the Pope of today as a godly man in the eyes of the people that trust their pastors above their own God by making the Popes of old look as evil as they truly are while at the same time make the current Jesuit Pope look as holy, blessed and trustworthy as they can.

And for those confused as to why the Pope needs religious laws in America and then all nations of the world so as to enforce their mark; notice how every time the mark of the beast is mentioned in prophecy the word "worship" is right there with it! That's no mistake!

The national ID card and the Mark of the Beast | Fred Clark

That my brothers and sisters is prophecy being fulfilled right before your eyes! Revelation , "And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. Revelation , "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Revelation , "And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,". Revelation , "And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. As crazy as his comments may sound, a narrative like this needs to become the norm in the mass-media if Rome is to be successful in their enforcement of a mark.

And so we need to watch for big as well as the little signs like this because those of us that study Christian prophecy know that the Pope of Rome will be moved by Satan himself very soon to demand all people in the world keep Sunday holy to appease God who is sending the greatly increased global calamities that he has named " global warming.

And this is all besides the fact that global warming has been found to be bad science by tens of thousands of real scientists who unlike the handful of Vatican scientists, they don't have a political agenda for everything they say and do. As strange as all this seems to some we have to remember Satan is the father of lies and so it will always be bold faced lies that he uses against the masses. Need I remind you of the lies He told Eve in the Garden?

When you step into disobedience lies become believable. Hence the reason most people trust the Pope, politicians and their apostate pastors today. But Satan, who has now been proven to rule the roost in the Vatican as per biblical, prophetic, historic and even eye witness accounts; he knows that he has very little time left to do his final work and he must ready the masses to kill those Christians who refuse to bow the Rome's admitted MARK of Sunday Sabbath. He's training his loyal and greatly deceived Armageddon troops as we speak.

And so, as crazy at it comes off at first by Schwarzenegger, this narrative must begin somewhere so the media can build on the idea that global warming is killing people so as to convince the masses it has nothing to do with the return of Christ. It sounds nutty now yes, but they will build on this. Christian prophecy is that accurate! So keep your eyes open and you will see Rome will push their political pawns and send their media cohorts to build on the chance to declare the prophesied death sentence upon all those that refuse to bow to the Pope's admitted unbiblical Sunday Sabbath.

Once done it will become the law of the land and all that refuse to obey will be legally declared worthy of death. Their reason to kill will be that unless those refusing to keep Sunday holy die, the calamities from God will eventually kill us all. And just as we saw how they used this method of attack against our Lord years ago, they will use the very same lie again in the near future. And that lie is what high priest Caiaphas stated in John wherein he said that "it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.

And all those refusing to keep the Roman Sabbath will then be declared guilty of first degree murder and therefore worthy of the long prophesied death sentence by guillotine. Now do you see why there are thousands of guillotines in storage in the USA as we speak? Yes, some that never read their Bibles or even studied Christian prophecy for that matter may think what I just said is a bit of a longshot; but before you respond with your comments in my blog or YouTube page , those in bed with Rome have already declared in writing that the Christian God is angry when you refuse to keep the Roman Sabbath of Sunday back when the Xmas Tsunami hit in And did you notice?

No one balked at that statement in the churches of the world because as also prophesied they are right now wondering after the beast in loyal obedience anyway. They actually think the Sabbath is Sunday and therefore believe Sunday laws would be a good idea. And since the mortal wound has been officially healed , talk in the media of obedient Christians being guilty of first degree murder will begin as prophesied. This is what's next on the prophetic to-do list of the man of sin in Rome. And so, as we see; a man that is no stranger to killing en masse in his blood drenched Hollywood movies , this man has obviously been chosen by Rome, the historic mother of all modern day politicians , to begin talking points towards the enforcement of the mark of the beast by declaring climate change is killing us and therefore just as the oil companies should be considered guilty of first degree murder, Rome can now build on this to proclaim the Sabbath keeping Christians who refuse to bow to the Pope will be considered guilty and then the final law will be passed to have us all killed.

But those of us that study His Word and His prophetic truths know that when they do that, the Gideon band will go forth and glorify the Lord who protects them from any and all weapons formed against them just as much as He did the seven thousand who refused to bow to Baal in Elijah's day! We now know the c3 government pastors next move. In fact, this is actually a very easy prophetic event to see before it comes to fruition thanks to the fact all the apostate pastors have done exactly as the Bible said they would at every step.

These apostate pastors started doing this prophesied act 63 years ago when they began to sign the c3 contract. You simply cannot fake well documented historic record , and you certainly cannot find a single Bible verse to back up their claims either. As expected, not one verse was given that makes Sunday a Sabbath for Christians. But what Trump did that day was only an executive order.

And like Bush's executive order, the pastors knew it was only valid as long as he stayed in office or until the following President removed it. But then on December 02, in the middle of the night as most Americans slept, which happened to be the actual Biblical Sabbath of the Creator God , Trump and the Senate made that Executive Order permanent US law wherein the c3 pastors could legally endorse political candidates as well as legally lobby for legislation.

But how does this make us realize what their next major move will be? Notice what it says in Revelation about what just happened. The "he" in this passage is the second beast which is the US Government. What just happened in the middle of the night last week was in fact the second beast just gave life unto the image of the beast which is in fact all the government approved c3 churches and pastors. They are now a legal church and political state power.

The prophetic term "cause" means to enforce the law they passed. See all definitions here. In short, and as prophesied, all c3 pastors are now Biblically proven to be the "many false prophets " Jesus Christ warned us about in Matthew That means if you are in a c3 church, check your church or minister here you are under the tutelage or guidance of a false prophet.

You need to leave that church immediately just as Jesus said in Revelation For if you disobey your Lord and are found in the apostate churches when He returns, you will most assuredly be left behind when His obedient bride rises with Him to New Jerusalem. NOTE: Due to the urgency of this prophesied event, this blog entry was already made into a video and posted online here a few moments ago.

For decades they have said I was wrong because the c3 contract only grants them tax free status wherein they have no political voice whatsoever. But then March 7 came along wherein President George W. Bush signed it into law that all churches with the c3 are now legally considered government agents of the State with the ability to lobby law. Again the scoffers on the pulpit said, no it's still not a prophesied fulfillment of the image because they feared the IRS that wouldn't allow them to speak politically even though the President drafted the Bill in that manner.

And then As Donald Trump was campaigning and promising to repeal the Johnson amendment in his campaign speeches the blinded pastors under the c3 again said, no that is still not prophetic fulfillment because Trump is just making campaign promises like any other politician just to gain office. And even if he gained office the IRS still chains the pulpit down tight. Then May 04, came along wherein now President Trump officially removed the IRS power over the churches wherein they can now legally stand on pulpits speaking politically to not only influence elections but offer their voice in the lobbying of any law they agreed with.

With all that said, and mind you, at every single turn we see how the blind pastors under the c3 contract have been completely wrong at each and every signpost along the path of the long prophesied c3 contract, notice what just happened this morning! They now have all the votes they need to go forward. And what's in this tax plan that's so prophetically important?

Check this out! Also see this and then see this just to mention a few. Now think about all that for a moment! All the churches ignored the prophesied implications of all this. And this includes all the SDA pastors and preachers who supposedly understand and even teach prophecy. Once this is set in stone, and it will be as Christian prophecy never fails, the churches with the most power will be able to endorse the candidate of their choice above the smaller churches which means the exact same thing when it comes to lobbying the long prophesied Sunday law.

And thanks to the ecumenical charge of Rome wherein every church is now in bed with the Pope, and yes this includes the SDA church from the leadership down to the pastors on the GC payroll, what do you think will happen in the coming days? Perhaps a statement or two from Rome itself will shed light on this since most prefer to believe mankind over the Creator who penned the prophecies in the first place. What protection would they have against a Catholic state? The old Protestant culture is about at the end of its rope Why can't we make the U.

Catholic in legislation, Catholic in justice, aims and ideals? Talbot, editor of America, official Jesuit magazine for the U. Restrictions on Sunday trading in Poland gain green light "Under the legislation, which will now go to the upper house of parliament for further debate, trading will be banned on two Sundays a month from March 1 next year. The ban will be stepped up to three Sundays a month in , while in trading will be prohibited except on seven Sundays a year.

The ban will not apply to online stores, fuel stations, railway stations, pharmacies and some florists. The legislation was backed by members of the seat lower house of Poland's parliament, with against and 23 abstaining. No this isn't the prophesied mark of the beast. But it is a major stepping stone towards normalizing it; and it's no mistake it's being done in Poland wherein 1 million were deceived into praying the Vatican's admitted Pagan rosary beads on their border back in September of this year.

Sorry, there's just no easy way to say that. If you compile this long prophesied development with all the religious banter in American politics the last 2 years as well as the thousands of articles online and millions of articles offline all over the world wherein towns, cities and in some cases entire nations like Poland are working towards what students of prophecy have been declaring all along as the bold and obvious signs that Sunday laws are indeed on the very near horizon.

That being the bold and obvious reality you have to realize church leaders are right now purposely lying to their flock when it comes to the signs of the times. It's because as I reported back on December 23 of The president of the SDA church has publicly announced he has joined hands with the man of sin in Rome to do as Rome was prophesied to do regarding the preaching of another Jesus so as to fill the ecumenical trophy case of Rome with lost souls!

Yes many have suspected the fix was in over the last few decades in the SDA church. But now with their publicly announced statement of faith echoing political correctness only a papal prelate can appreciate , some obedient souls in the church are finally doing just as Revelation predicted they would do when it said, "These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. Seeing how Jesus is no longer allowed in the SDA or any other church in bed with the first and second beasts of Revelation, many have made the proper choice to follow the Lamb when He was forced to leave by the leaders of the apostate churches just as many followed Him out of the Synagogues years ago.

The Lord woke me up with a wonderful thought this morning. It looks like the opportune time to push ahead with the truth on this. And for those that prefer to watch videos on this, there are many of them linked out on that page as well. See Psalm for confirmation on that biblical fact. I also present a challenge to the obedient bride of Christ to go forth and do the same.

No you don't have to offer the people money as it is mostly the pastors that were moved by it. Just ask as many as you can to show you the Bible verses they believe show God changed the Sabbath. That way when they try to do so, you can present a quick Bible study or even hand them a tract that shows them the truth in all this. It will not only allow many souls a chance to repent and be one with Christ when they see the God of the Bible never changed His Sabbath day; it will also help you fine tune and even ripen your evangelistic fruit to better show everyone the Lord sends your way when they finally do pass those Sunday Laws.

After all, is it not written that we must "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:" -1 Peter If you read on in the article you will find he is demanding all this because of his concern for our so called faulty immigration status. Yes, that's just his excuse to start talking points; but besides the prophetic implications, of which I'll get into in a moment, he currently wants an influx of Roman Catholics from Mexico and as he stated in writing more than a few times, his " brothers and sisters" in the Islamic faith also need to be allowed to funnel into the USA in large numbers.

And as student of prophecy we know the end result of his agenda here but for now he needs to force America to open the borders so as to bolster his voting bloc in his favor by a landslide so as to use the second beast USA as prophecy stated he would in these days so as to use the power of the US to enforce his very soon coming mark.

At present, the USA won't bow to such demands as it would be political suicide to do so. But our leaders will definitely do so the moment it becomes politically and financially beneficial to do so. Now do you see why Ronald Reagan's White House staff member stated as he did when asked why we need an Ambassador to the Vatican? That's right, the man that protects pedophiles and who's long prophesied office has killed hundreds of millions of Christians for their faith is now seen as the moral authority on earth during these last days.

Cell Phones and Gadgets?

And just to lock this all down on three avenues of control, this is also why Fox news called for a global ruler back in April of ? Now for those that don't believe Christian prophecy holds any credence whatsoever in modern day society; even though everything that was prophesied has been fulfilled exactly as the Bible predicted. Since you don't believe prophecy, click here for some statements made by the Popes of Rome over the years that confirm this has been their plan all along.

In other words, this will happen just as prophecy predicted it will. Polish bishops for total ban on Sunday shopping "Free Sundays are what all Catholics, non-Catholics and non-believers need," Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki told Polish Radio ahead of a meeting of the Bishops Conference on Friday, which is expected to support the ban. The idea was put forward last year by the powerful Solidarity trade union, backed by a million-strong petition, and has been batted back and forth in a parliamentary subcommittee ever since. The clerics are careful to base their argument on quality of life rather than religious grounds.

I just got word from a brother in the faith that lives in Poland that they plan to enforce the ban starting January 1, And no, this is not yet the enforcement of the mark of the beast. But it is a major stepping stone in that direction. As we just saw in a video I just made and then posted on YouTube yesterday titled, " 1 Million to pray Rosary on Polish Border ," as prophesied, Rome is doing all they can to normalize Paganism in the minds of billions of people so as to make Catholicism to appear as moral when in fact it is not.

Having millions openly pray using Pagan prayer beads in public to having the entire nation of Poland to close their businesses on the ancient day of worship for the Pagan Sun god Baal is nothing more than a show of force on Satan's part. He knows his time is short and at the same time he knows he has most souls in his camp. So just as in Noah's day, most will believe the lies over the truth. And for those of you that think you would never agree to embrace Pagan rituals as the norm, you need to double check your current holiday activities a bit more.

Not only has Rome moved all Christian churches to keep Sunday holy, they also take part in Pagan rituals most now call Christmas and Easter. Those of us that study prophecy know, Sunday laws will be enforced in the United States first. But what many fail to realize is how the powers that be must first normalize that act of open rebellion against the Christian God by declaring a day of worship He never sanctified, and they must do so worldwide. Yes, I am very aware most Christian have no idea how they are already in bed with Rome on this one.

And so our work is cut out for us as we proclaim that loud cry prophecy speaks of. But for those of you that are Christian who keep Sunday holy, I implore you to read your Bibles and you will see the Lord declared in both the Old and New Testament that the seventh day Sabbath has been the "Lord's holy day" of worship ever since He created Angels who kept His law in Heaven long before mankind was ever created.

But as we all know, prophecy must be fulfilled and so this will still happen and the overwhelming majority of Christians will ignore all this and receive the mark just as easily as they agree to dress up their Christmas trees and Easter eggs. And for those that think I need to sit for a fitting for a tinfoil bonnet on this one, check out my Sabbath attack page wherein I have well over a thousand videos, articles and doc files proving the Roman Catholic Popes are doing everything they can to push for Sunday Laws globally just as the prophecy said they would.

In fact, they have even gone so far as to declare Nazi war criminal Pope John Paul II a "saint" so as to have him supposedly "speak from heaven" via his Dios Domini wherein he declared, and I quote, "Christians will naturally strive to ensure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy. See the quotes and doc files confirming that on my mark of the beast page. And if you still think this is all a prophetic pipedream of crazed students of prophecy seeking an audience, besides the fact the majority of all Christian churches already keep Sunday holy without a single Bible verse to back up their Roman invention of Sunday Sabbath , were you aware that the Jews already agreed to keep Sunday holy for the Pope as well as desecrate the true Sabbath as of April 21 of this year?

Christian prophecy will be fulfilled no matter if you're ready for it or not. But it is the prayer of this ministry that you do in fact get ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ very soon. It's scary," the actress responded to the interviewer's assertion that there was "an end-of-days feeling" across the world and especially in the U. First and foremost, Jennifer Lawrence is a very well paid professional liar. And no, I am not being sarcastic. It's the basic definition of what an actor is. Every actor in Hollywood literally makes their living by lying to people on camera.

And as we also know, Hollywood has been pushing the Vatican's leftist view for years. The fact the most popular film making entity is named "Universal" should tell you something. The Latin term "Catholic" is translated as "Universal" in English. But enough about that. And seeing how there isn't a human alive today that has not been born after the end times started in which was the exact years Daniel's year prophecy ended , none of us can afford to be swayed by Hollywood, politics, or worse yet the confirmed man of sin in Rome.

And so when the powers that be demand they speak for the Pope's climate change agenda , they will do it! They have no choice. We are right now cleaning up from hurricane Harvey, Los Angeles is experiencing the worst fires in US history , Hurricane Irma, a Cat 5 like no other in history is continuing to destroy and kill, and Mexico just had a quake that was so bad it moved the fault 32 literal feet!

And so yes, as prophesied the calamities are increasing. But not for the reasons the Pope claims! Now for the obvious next step. Will it happen directly after Irma wipes out large portions of Florida, or will they let this all fester in the minds of the sheeple so as to have the prophesied compilation of additional disasters nicely stacked up so as the people ready to hear them declare, "the disasters are only here because all you Christians refuse to go to church on Sunday!

But do you remember this Vatican approved minister who declared the Tsunami of was the end result of people refusing to go to church on Sundays? Sure, it went over a like a led balloon because they only had the one disaster. But pile a few up, and they will have what they need to push the agenda forward. But for Lawrence to claim God's wrath is upon us because Trump, who has also been in bed with Rome since he had his mandated CEO meeting with him years ago, is ludicrous at best. It's merely a way to increase the expectation in the minds of many that there must be a reason for the disasters increasing and seeing how next to no one reads Bibles anymore, any idiotic claim will most assuredly be used as the proverbial lump of mud that sticks in the minds of many that Rome can use to eventually grant them their "aha" moment when Satan steps up claiming to be Jesus who then claims everyone needs to keep Sunday holy to stop the calamities.

The majority that have bathed in his lies all their lives will be primed and ready to declare this final lie to make perfect sense for all the disasters and so they will agree and receive the mark as the right thing to do. Just over one month ago Trump made it possible for the lobbying of religious laws by the Government approved c3 pastors. As expected politicians will also speak of God more freely to that end since the freedom to do s was signed, sealed and delivered by the second beast of Revelation. We knew this was next after what Trump did on May 4th. But very few knew just how quickly this would begin.

And as students of prophecy have known for many years, the lie about global warning and climatic disasters will be how they get the ball rolling towards religious laws! And now Al Gore just stepped up to do as the man of sin in Rome commanded! If not, I share an outline of all that in the video. Now U. Senate bill threatens to force private corporations to monitor your financial activity and empowers government to seize all your assets if you fail to comply with the new law.

Even failure to fill out one form is license for the federal government to take everything you have. If the bill becomes law, Americans would be subject to a whole host of government intrusions. One little slip-up would open a Pandora's box of governmental inquiry into your financial life," says Peter Reagan, a financial-market strategist at Birch Gold Group. The bill even goes so far as to include the contents of safety-deposit boxes.

Looks like Satan is getting a little worried and hurried in his final agenda because he knows that if the people have access to cash they can avoid the mark of his beast that his man of sin in Rome is about to enforce. As one of many students of prophecy, this is why I created a page titled " the expected cashless society " on the site many years ago about the Pope's plan to make sure all cash is removed from society or at the very least digitized so as to control every dime.

As I stated all along, you cannot remove the ability to "buy and sell" from the people as prophecy says they will do if the people still have access to their cash.

The church isn’t even biblical, is it?

You must make all transactions digital or at the very least make cash illegal without a digital counterpart attached in some way so as to be able to control each and every transaction using globally networked supercomputers. Seeing how his time is short, Satan has opted to track all cash now by forcing this Bill upon the people via his many obedient puppets in Congress.

Will it pass? No clue, no care. But even if it doesn't pass as written, it will be rewritten and prophecy will be fulfilled anyway. Truth is, the suggestion of the Bill may just be Satan's way of lighting a fire under his Senatorial pawns that lick the Papal boots so as to get them busy pushing his final agenda. He's getting antsy and that's a good thing because Jesus is coming a lot sooner than most care to admit.

The invention of the credit card sparked many sermons and tracts decades ago warning the people that this was the Vatican's long prophesied end result when it comes to the cashless society they need to have in place in order to be able to enforce the mark.

Yes, many scoffed back then as expected and I am sure some still scoff to this day because unless you are obedient to the God of all creation, you will not be able to understand the prophecies He has penned. They have no clue as to what it's all about. But praise the name above all names that some have stopped scoffing now that we actually do have credit cards, debit cards, auto-pay, lcd cards, direct deposit, online banking, and cell phone banking.

It is now painfully clear they are doing exactly as prophecy predicted they would do. By the way, Remember the " Coin Card" video I made 4 years ago? As I expected it didn't have all the features needed and so now there is a new and improved "smart card" that can do exactly as the Lord revealed back then! I am sure that if this Bill passes they will make it possible for people to "think" they can keep their cash by telling them to get it out from under their mattress or out of their home safe and place it in their local bank.

That way they still "have" their cash seeing how their "smart cards" allow them access to every dime anyway. What they won't tell them is that the very second they refuse to bow to the soon to come Papal mandate of Sunday Laws , all their cash will be "turned off" in their cards just as prophecy predicted. Gore insisted that it is a moral imperative to fight against climate change. And if you are a believer, as I am, I think God intends for us to open our eyes and take responsibility for the moral consequences of our actions.

As many students of prophecy know, the prophecy regarding the mark of the beast predicts the need for a religious law and so the powers that be need to do all they can to assure religious laws become part of society as soon as possible. They need to rush ahead with their plans because their dying god knows his time is short and so this is why Trump did what he did a few weeks ago to help the government approved c3 pastors have the legal ability to lobby for religious laws. See my May 4th video on this. As we also know, according to the Christian Bible the mark of the beast is Sunday laws.

In fact, the Vatican has admitted more than once in writing that their unbiblical Sunday Sabbath is their mark of authority over all churches and even the Bible itself. And so this is why we have seen tens of thousands of articles the world over the last few decades wherein the Popes of Rome and their political pawns have pushed for religious laws and specifically a legally mandated Sunday Sabbath.

See my Sabbath attack page for over of these articles and videos from the last 12 years alone. If you recall, back in December of we all witnessed the devastating Tsunami that killed over , people. But were you also aware that within a few weeks of that devastating disaster the Vatican friend and cooperatvive in this long prophesied agenda by the name of John MacLeod declared the reason people died in that Tsunami was because they weren't going to church on Sundays.

So the prophecy regarding their need for Sunday laws to prevent disasters finally became a reality in the minds of many scoffers that doubted the prophecy that very day. See my Feb Newsletter on this. And so now we see Al Gore, who was approached by John Paul II to push the global warming agenda decades ago; and I have a few videos on my climate change page on the website if you're interested. This man Al Gore was caught lying by every single living person on the planet regarding his Vatican contrived prediction that global warming was to come to a frightening conclusion in that never actually did.

In fact, his predictions about the polar ice cap being gone by was not only proven a lie, the ice cap has actually been documented as growing in size. You might want to check out this website when you get time. So, expect a huge read page popup warning when you go there. The current calamities we see all over the world are prophesied to increase due to the sins of mankind coming to a festering and putrid head just as they did in Noah's day when they legalized homosexual marriage , of which caused the Lord to move Noah to build the ark due to the global flood he was sending.

Satan knew this then and he knows this now. And so he must react to this prophesied reality accordingly. Only this time he has come up with a way to use these already increasing global disasters to his advantage to try and get every soul on earth in his camp ready for hellfire. Using his man of sin in Rome he has devised a plan to convince all the nations on earth to gather as one so as to try and do something about the global disasters by using the excuse that we are all in this together seeing how we are all on the same planet.

So, now that religious law is to be a legal reality soon , and yes this is why we see talk of Shariah law in the USA as well lately; Al Gore now has received the go ahead from Rome to start mentioning God in his global warming fiasco so as to open the door for the enforcement of the religious laws Rome plans to enforce, or the mark of the beast as we know it.

And according to prophecy, this is what will happen next. The calamities will increase, the media will concentrate on making sure everyone on earth knows they have increased, so much so they will even fabricate calamities to bolder the panic in less frequent regions. The Pope will then step forward under direction of the physical Antichrist who by now is literally standing on the planet in bodily form claiming to be Jesus Christ incarnate.

After this demon masquerading as Jesus goes about healing a few people and speaking in melodious tones to garner many souls into his camp, he then demands everyone on earth must keep Sunday holy so as to appease God who will then stop the calamities once they all obey. And to assure everyone does as he commands from Rome, the leaders under his control will then prevent the buying and selling of everyone on earth that refuse to bow in worship to the mandate, or "receive his mark" as prophecy calls it.

Now do you see why every CEO and every political leader on earth have had those closed door meetings with the Pope recently? Now, since all that Satan spews is based on lies, the disasters will increase anyway because it has nothing to do with people breaking the Roman Sabbath. Those calamities, like in Noah's day, are nothing more than the end result of all the sins Satan has moved billions to embrace all along.

And so to get around that, Satan, who most think at this time is really Jesus Christ, will then declare all the real Christians still keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath are blaspheming his name and so they must now die to stop the calamities. And so he will move all those that worship him to step up to surround the people of God as the prophecy regarding Armageddon has predicted. Now do you see why we already have blasphemy laws in Islam and Shariah Law is right now being pushed in American courts? Since the people are already used to people dying under blasphemy laws, this will be accepted worldwide and so all the people of the world who have been conditioned the last few decades to kill thanks to watching violent Hollywood movies, playing violent video games, listening to violent Rock music and even participating and gambling on violent sports; all of them declare their loyalty to the Pope and his Antichrist to go forth and kill the Sabbath keepers by surrounding them on a specific date set forth by Rome.

Problem is, this action seals the fate of all those that obey the Pope and his dying god claiming to be Jesus. The plagues then begin, and as prophesied in Psalms we see that, "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law. The Sabbath keepers still alive at this time are counted in that prophesied number known as the Gideon band that stand firm in obedience to God's law due to the Holy Spirit inside them that promised to help them to do so, and the obedient people of God never even get so much as a boil or heat stroke from the 7 last plagues falling upon all the wicked that have bowed to the Pope and his antichrist.

The eastern sky then splits, the dead in Christ rise up, and we all go home together to leave behind all those that worshiped the Pope and his dying god. Well-to-do Jewish communities in cities like Sardis had much to lose by boycotting the system, and Christian merchants as a smaller minority would lose even more. Under other circumstances, a blockade preventing some from buying and selling could lead to their starvation 1 Macc.

Many prophecy teachers have speculated on how the Antichrist will install a literal mark, noting correctly that computer technology exists that can do so. That some future Antichrist may seek to use a mark is possible, especially if he or she acts in direct defiance of the book of Revelation. If Christ is Lord of our lives, we must graciously part company with much of what our contemporaries value, not only morally but recreationally and in other respects—misfits in our culture though we may appear. Prophecy teachers have forced many names to come to Some sixteenth-century interpreters came up with either the Pope or Martin Luther, depending on which side of the Reformation debate they stood on.

And why not? They may have been wrong that Christ would return in their generation, but each generation had a right to expect him. From the standpoint of their own experience of martyrdom, many Christians have been engaged in their own final struggle with the forces of Antichrist see Luke ; 1 John When Stalin, for instance, murdered ten to thirty million people in seventeen years, we would have undoubtedly thought him the final Antichrist had we lived in the Ukraine—and we could have been right, God willing.

In a future holocaust we will probably think its perpetrator the final Antichrist—and we may be right. But if history surprises us once more, we will be reminded of how the mystery of lawlessness continues its hideous incarnations until the end. Additionally, Satan does not know when Jesus will return Mark and must always have an antichrist in waiting. Billy Graham imagines a situation in which a Christian in the ancient world is offered freedom if he or she will simply engage in a ritual act of offering incense to Caesar. Who would be so stubborn as to choose suffering over such a simple act?

By the time Revelation was written, many arrogant rulers had already offered themselves for a portrait of the Antichrist by exalting themselves as gods, such as kings of Babylon Isa. And the spirit of the evil empire that exalts itself as god exists in oppressive, totalitarian regimes today. But what should frighten us even more is that the same spirit of the self-deifying empire remains in every human heart that seeks to make itself the center of life while burying thoughts of its own mortality.

Maybe what bothers you should actually amaze you

Revelation allows for no divided allegiance: We must decide between God and the world and between what each side values. The future belongs not to Babylon but to the faithful, whose home is the Jerusalem to come —8. The mark of the beast is covered in much greater detail in unit 10, which includes a minute introductory video to Revelation 13, along with detailed commentary on the historical context and additional notes on how we should understand this text today.

Sign up for Craig Keener's Revelation online course. What Is the Mark of the Beast? Categories New Testament. You may unsubscribe from these email communications at any time. If you have any questions, please review our Privacy Policy or email us at yourprivacy harpercollins. They are not, because it is they which will not be in fellowship with a genuine Christian.

The problem is where can I find a genuine Christian to fellowship with? The ritualistic visitations to man made buildings is not church. The church is a body that lives together daily in fellowship. So Sunday meetings only, or gathering at only certain times of the week at certain allocated hours is them actually saying that they are DONE with the true church of God. This is more the case even because their gatherings are not designed for fellowship or to seek God, but are for controlling the people and for making money.

Amen, brother, AMEN! Make no mistake about that. Do you think going to church will get you into Heaven? Do you think good deeds will get you into Heaven? Dear brother Fessdo, I hope you are out there and reading this. Jesus completed the work of your salvation. Show Him gratitude and reverence, every minute of every day. Our existence is all about Jesus. He is the Source, the Reason, The meaning of life. JOHN My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

See Isaiah and Numbers regarding the reason for the atonement, and Luke Jesus did not die for willful sin done in the knowledge of the truth. See also Hebrews I am called to wake up the true church of God to this lie and to see that the opposite is true, which is that Jesus Christ died to prove us innocent to God by his blood.

The idea of Jesus Christ dying as our substitute is completely foreign to the Bible and actually denies the main point of the gospel, because that idea establishes our guilt before God. Therefore it cannot reconcile us to God. This is the message of reconciliation. This is the gospel which God revealed to me after being a Christian for a number of years. There are so very many Scriptures that verify all of this, as it is as soundly Biblical as one can get. Yet what I just said, you are sure never to have heard from anyone else.

Here, there are only two destinies and two realities in the words of Jesus Christ. It is even literally stated here that Jesus Christ died to prove our innocence to God. For how can a person be without blame to God if he has sinned at all in the past? Not because he stops sinning, for there must be a record of all his past sins against him, UNLESS, all his past sins can be shown to be acts of innocence to God and not true sins, because they were not willful , through Jesus Christ bearing them up to God in his body as something other than what they have appeared; namely, as righteousness to God in his offering himself up to God as our righteousness.

Thus Jesus Christ turned the sin of ignorance which crucified him the well meaning sin of the people , into the offering of perfect righteousness to God. This is the reconciliation of the world to God and the most wondrous act. Yet you hear the opposite of this preached everywhere in saying that we all deserve death and hell. There are no Bible verses saying that we all deserve death and hell, and that idea is certainly a denial of the good news. He rose again from the dead to do the same continually as our high priest. How is it possible that the entire church in the whole world has missed this truth when it is plainly stated in Scripture?

Because Satan is the preacher in the mouth of all the false ministers and they have filled the world with taking Scripture out of context. It does not mean to pay for sin, but it means to say that there is no sin to be found in us. In other words, although the law of Moses says the whole world is guilty of sin, God says that there is justification for sin through Jesus Christ.

Therefore people should respond to this in being reconciled to God also in their behaviour by the free gift of the Holy Spirit. This is the true grace of God which brings salvation. You, and I, and all, have the seed of sin within us. We cannot escape it. Jesus died to absolve us from ALL sin, past, present and future. God knows we are all sinners. Be humble and thankful that God sent Jesus to forgive us. But it takes faith in that fact. Praise God that you are still here to inspire me with the wisdom He gives you!

You have influenced my thinking, probably more than you know, with your faith and experienced wisdom. That is why we all are sinners and shall continue to sin, regardless of our will or good intentions. You are right, brother. JOHN And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst, They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou? This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more. Fessdo, beloved bro, if I read you right here, you are saying, in the scripture you quoted, that if one knows that Jesus is The Lord and denies that knowledge, it is The Unforgivable Sin, and I agree.

Fessdo, you are utterly clueless. It is God that you are rejecting in rejecting my words which are the true Scriptures, not me. There is only one true Bible, and I understand it and you most certainly do not understand the gospel. You are quoting not from the Bible. Son, I have been very clear in what I said. If anyone rejects the gospel which I just declared they are not a Christian. If anyone says that Jesus did not die to prove our innocence, after reading what I wrote, they are condemning themselves as guilty.

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If you say that you are a true sinner then you are saying you cannot go to heaven. There are many Scriptures that say this. The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet. God only forgives what is just to forgive, and it is only just to forgive the sin of ignorance and weakness of the flesh, which is unmeaning sin, but not just to forgive willful sin.

Jim T, I follow God in the true Bible, not a bunch of humans as you said. That is foolishness. And the verse you quoted is referring to God cleansing us from all sin in the flesh, not from willful sin. The literal blood of Jesus does not cleanse you like a soap on your body in a physical sense. This is symbolic language. But I cannot prove anything to anyone who does not even believe in the actual words of Scripture. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. If anyone is really a sinner, and cannot be proven righteous indeed, you can fully expect to go to hell. If you think you can sin willfully and get away with it and do that sin, then you are going to go to hell. You are reprobates if you believe so evilly, after what I declared clearly as the truth.

Peace my friend. Richard, Let me help you here,Hebrews Living Bible If anyone sins deliberately by rejecting the Savior, If anyone sins deliberately by rejecting the Savior, If anyone sins deliberately by rejecting the Savior,,, by rejecting the Savior,,, by rejecting JESUS after knowing the truth of forgiveness. God decreed it and I believe it However, if it helps others to delve into every last little nuance of the scriptures, fine, let them indulge themselves. I would only advise that they beware lest they become a stumbling block for another believer with their insistence that they know better than anyone else.

Oh, and Carey, I truly appreciate you allowing me to participate on this forum. I do think you are doing the best you can, with a clear conscience, to serve God and inspire others to worship Him. I am a member of the body of Christ wherever they may be which is the true church , although I am alone. I am alone because the said churches are not the church. They are not truly Christian. So my problem is in not being able to find genuine Christians because they do not pass the most basic test of being a true Christian.

They will not fellowship or come into the true church of God. The church is me, which they deny having any fellowship with simply because I do in fact declare the truth. Speak freely of our glorious Lord Jesus to anyone and everyone, brother, as His Spirit may prompt you. Share Jesus with others. Be thankful to Him and humble. Not God, I assure you.

Jesus clearly stated that the Holy Spirit will guide you to all truth. Your verbal assaults on those who are simply sharing what is in their hearts is an indicator of your inner insecurity. You tweak the scriptures to fit what you desire them to say rather than allowing them to speak to you. Case in point is your misrepresentation of Hebrews If you really take a sincere evaluation of your spiritual walk you will find that you are trying to add some old wine to the new wine…which is never good.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. Jim T. What did Paul, Peter and John do when they woke up with a boner? Sin is inescapable. Jesus is The Solution to that enigma. No human will ever be perfect on this earth. Excepting Jesus, of course. I am sorry if it appeared that way. At any rate I am absolutely in agreement with your view. Why would we even need a Savior if we had even the slightest capability of becoming sinless by our efforts?

I accepted this belief because I found it impossible to be righteous continually and believed that all those people at the church could…. Of course, neither you or I view this as a license to sin. But those of true humility accept their sinful nature, are extremely grateful for the gift of a Savior, which causes us to desire sin less and less. I agree we will not be perfect while in our flesh. Amen, brother! As you and I agree, we are sinful by nature.

Wonder where HE went? Hey, btw, this church I was attending for a while, the pastor started in, suddenly, beating the drum for donations of money. I scrammed out of that church so fast you could hear the wind whistling amongst the pews, never to return. You taught me well, dear brother. Thanks again! It was August, As I was preparing to go on a mission to Ghana with 18 young souls, I was reading a letter from the pastor of a sister church there and the activities our group was going to engage in.

Preaching in various villages, worshiping, casting out demons, etc, etc. We arrived in Ghana and split in to groups of three and a guide for each group for translation. Ghana has a very distinct aroma and color. The area is lush green and the earth is a burnt orange.

Vultures are in abundance like pigeons in a city. Termites create hills that are up to six feet high and the people smile and glow. Sometimes when people greet each other and talk to one another they will hold hands for an extended time. The village we ended up in for the night had goats and chickens walking around, some huts were wood, some on the outskirts were clay with grass roofs.

We set up to hold a service in the village school, a typical single-roomed wood building. As the pastor of that village began to speak and the worship team began a guy playing a homemade drum and a girl with an angelic voice to sing to signal the start of the service. I was pacing and praying outside the building getting my being ready to be used. Off in the distance I could see a few women dancing in the moonlight to the worship music being played.

They were not on their way to attend, they were just enjoying the moment by their hut, it was beautiful. The service began and I preached about the power of prayer of a righteous man citing Elisha and how it is meant for everybody to have that power through the righteousness of Christ.

As we ended the service, we started worshipping and the people lined up to be prayed over. One by one they came forward to receive prayer. At the end of the line was a teenage girl. When she made her way to the front and spoke with the pastor it was learned that she was full of demons, my spirit leapt, this was the very moment, the very reason I was to be on this mission trip.

I told the people of that vision. I prayed, the music rang, I prayed and the people sang. The service ended, I was elated and exhausted. We spent a few more days in the village walking from house to house, praying and preaching, I was never lost for the right words, reaching all sorts of souls, and seeing signs everywhere, for thus I know Christ is alive.

I have seen people from all walks of life living a life of destruction and the Church reaching out to these people changing lives, reuniting families and these people becoming whole again, I know the Church saves. I have also seen many of people strung out from condemnation and guilt, broken and hurting deep inside from the constant pressure of trying to do what is right according to the preaching and teaching of those deemed as leaders of the Church.

I know the people are imperfect. Some responded with open arms and other responded with condemnation, no uniformity, it was very confused and confusing. Unfortunately the president of the congregation I was attending announced from the pulpit as he was preaching that he would not live in a country where that allowed same sex marriage.

I was like What? That stuck with me, and not in a good way. He was preaching hate and condemnation while supposed to be representing love and grace. Yes, the people are imperfect. You wrote you can not separate Church from Christ, this is truth, but where it gets convoluted is when one needs to separate the people church from the Church.

This is a main concept I have learned in my spiritual walk, follow Christ, not people. This will be and is the downfall of the Church. One must be able to separate the people of the Church from the Church itself. A man must work out his own salvation. Follow me as I follow Christ.. The Church is built on the principle of salvation and Christ is the head. This Church shall not be overcome by anything for it resides in a realm beyond people. But the church, the people of this world with their several doctrines that conflict one another, the bingo parties and potlucks, out reaches and squabbles is not the same entity, though it carries the same name.

It is not made up of Christ but people who elect to try and follow Christ to the best of their abilities. We must separate the Church from the church of people or call it something else, because it is two distinct and different entities. One is man made, physical and completely flawed, while the other is devine and spiritual and one must be able to discern the difference for his or her own salvation and sanity. Know Christ, Know love and know the difference. I share from a heart of desiring all to have clarity regarding spiritual matters.

There is no where in the New Covenant that commands the erection of buildings, whether great or quaint, in which an organized religious entity is housed. The assembly of believers mentioned within the scriptures refers to sincere believers in Christ coming together…wherever, whether in a home or in the park, on and on, and sharing from their personal experience with God and His Word under the primary guidance of the Holy Spirit. Free from the lie! Do not take my word as gospel…ask God to reveal His truth and be open to receiving it. Your article is great in theory, but in my experience of 28 years of following Christ, most leadership is not open to any correction.

Modern day churches model themselves after other churches and not the biblical church as prescribed in scripture. Call it impractical to act out Acts , but my husband and I do this twice a week with groups of believers. We are accountable to each other to make sure the word of God is not misused.

A Response To Christians Who Are Done With Church

Never once do I see the Body referred to as a well-oiled machine, which disposable parts. Laity is looked down upon as not being capable of exegesis or discernment. I am the sixth of eight siblings. We ate and breathed church! It was much like the following:. Sunday Morning: Sunday School at a. Followed by Morning Worship at a.

And if there was a special program planned with another church as the guest, then most likely we would eat dinner at the church and stay for the program until around p. Or, we would return home and eat, and within an hour and a half, return to church. Friday Night: Church Service starting at p. Saturday Afternoon: Sunshine Band for the youngsters. By Saturday night, perhaps a District Meeting, a Musical Mid-night or another program , a dinner sale or special program. It could be several things planned for that night. Then start all over again on Sunday!

And many times we were the guest church for other local churches, so we had to quickly eat dinner and then off to that local church or—in many cases—churches that took us out of the state. The holidays were nonstop! There was Good Friday services around noon at the church. Then Resurrection Sunday, which was the custom. My mother would prepare Sunrise Breakfast for the members of the church on Sunday morning, and her daughters helped to prepare it prior to sunrise, around a.

After that, change clothes for Sunday School and church service for the entire day. My mother also hosted Christmas dinners for the church members—preparing food and entertainment. Christmas programs included plays, readings, and poems that meant the PKs had to participate in a big way. Also, my siblings and I were singers and instrumentalist with our own singing group. We occasionally went out of town to sing and perform on the weekends, BUT, we had to be back in time for Sunday Morning church, no matter how late we arrived home.

Though I was attending a university in my hometown, there was little to no time to work on my school curriculum. I was burnt OUT! Did I have a healthy respect for Jesus Christ and the things of God? I was a decent person from the viewpoint of being moral. No way! I was well aware that if I had died in my sins, hell would be my eternal home. I started reminiscing about Good Friday services and missing my family. So, I turned on the radio there was no Facebook, YouTube, etc. The channel had several preachers on the station, and I listened to what I had been taught all my life, but never wanted to accept.

Then, I saw what appeared to a vision—a cloudlike type of vision as though it had materialized in my bedroom! The scene was extremely bright but cloudy. But it was Jesus hanging on the cross in my bedroom! His entire body hung stretched and He seemed to be breathing out His last breaths. So, I turned my face away, crying profusely in shame and unworthiness. Those words hit me like a bolt of lightning! My husband then accepted Jesus as his Savior that following May. My husband and I did find a church that had taught us well.

Unfortunately, that pastor and wife divorced a couple of years later. But my husband and I found ourselves too busy again! I was the church secretary, also in the choir, and on the Anniversary Committee and working part-time in a secular job while trying to balance it all. It was program after program after program again. Eventually, my husband was given PCS orders to another state. We were given a letter of commendation for our church attendance and a letter to take with us with a plaque extolling our dedication from the pastor.

That was in The pastor had reunited with his wife before his passing to glory. Though we do drop in to visit one specific church in our area, we have not joined a membership. We are approaching sixty-years-old now. Though the pastors would mention the Rapture, they never went into detail about it, and rarely taught from the book of Revelation not that I could remember. So, one day I met a Catholic apologist online in a Christian forum. For nearly two years he put me in a position to defend the reason why I believed in salvation in Jesus Christ through faith in grace alone, and to prove solo scripture as sound doctrine outside of oral tradition relating to Catholic dogma.

That was around I researched, learned, and grew in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord. I learned outside the organized church. YouTube is a treasure-trove of learning about eschatology I believe the Pre-tribulation viewpoint, btw. I have a true love especially for eschatology.

I am yet learning and enjoying working for Jesus, and have started using a PowerPoint program as an animation-like presentation on YouTube about eschatology, starting with the Rapture. It is time-consuming, but I am enjoying the work I was given to do by the leading of the Holy Spirit. I was brought up as a Catholic. However it can get a bit grating after years of attending and know one including the priest will even make eye contact with you.

So I tried other churches I am very interested in the reformed and protestant teaching. It was like being interrogated. In the end I persuaded her to come with me. Also they where obsessed with interviewing criminals on the stage, they were treated like rock stars and the ordinary parishioners especially the older ones, totally ignored, terrible. And then theres t5he ecstaticism with the hand waving and once people falling down in a form of mass hypnotic hysteria.

It kills my faith, so I prefer to study my bible and pray and have a close relationship with the lord and thats better for me. Sad but there it is. You are right, Mick. Worship, commune with and love Jesus in the quiet and peace of your soul, in private meditation and contemplation. The church wants your money. You are of no use to the church except to provide money to them.

What I hear through these posts is a constant whining about the faults of church. Jesus is perfect, the church not so much. As this topic is obviously coming from disappointments and wounds of the past then I suggest the constrictive response is to do 2 things. Ask Jesus to reveal the deep source of your discontent and obey what he shows you to do in your life, and secondly speak life and blessings into bad situations and be part of the solution. That is the point. Man will never be able to create or possess a church without spot or wrinkle or any such blemish.

So why are we trying to build the church for the Lord when He said He was the one who would build it? He will present to Himself a pure and spotless bride. They are not the same!!! This will be the reason for the downfall of modern churches.. And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick. The Bible does not instruct us to have a different church on every corner. For they that are such serve not the Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

However, according to the Bible, the most traveled route is not the way to life. Eternal life through Christ.

Characteristics of the Antichrist

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. They are of the world, and the world heareth them. Modern day churches want your money. Look at filthy rich Joel Osteen. Every pastor wishes they were Joel Osteen. Many are called, but few are chosen. So, among the scripture quotes which you have chosen to display, one would think this one above would help you see that the statement is not literal.

Of course there remains before and after the time of Jesus on Earth both male and female, and other beliefs, creeds, nationalities and conditions…but the Church of Christ asks us to co-exist as if these differences matter not. The shepherds are mostly wolves and their said flock become wolves themselves through dedicating themselves to them. God wants to unite the true church, however, the said churches are in the way, hindering and stopping that from happening.

But church is a place to work, not to rest. Demand, demand, demand. Not at am sharp on their only day off. Just let them come and be still and know that God is God, and that He loves them for them, not for what He can get out of them. If they want to leave right after the service, let them go. Again, awesome site!

I love my church and what it does for our church community, our neighborhoods, and the world. I find that we do a lot more together than I can accomplish on my own.

Apostasy in Christianity

I see lives changed week after week. I wonder how much time we waste debating about these matters…with time we are to steward? Are you sleeping, are you sleeping? Brother Fessdo, Brother Fessdo? Morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing Ding ding dong, ding ding dong. I just find it hard to imagine that as Jesus hung on the cross He cried because He knew His sacrifice would not be sufficient to save me from myself. To save someone that played the game, knew the game, and manipulated the game of this thing we call church.

And now that I am tired of playing my entire existence in eternity is to be condemned to a fiery hell? There is sure to be people that will disagree and will accept nothing less than total allegiance to the system but I refuse to bow. It took me 36 years in the institution we call the modern-day church to find out I did not know the God I said I served. I only found Him walking down a lonely road to Golgotha. If we truly believe that the current structure of what was a construct of Constantine is the true church then I must ask the questions, is it without spot or wrinkle, or any such blemish.

Any honest man would say no. That is because the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ is about individuals who have gone into a holy bed chamber and had intimate time with Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim. It is made up of the portable tabernacles that have made Him their habitation and not a group of people that have put the name Jesus on the sign of their church. That sign is only an indication of where those people have stopped in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

As individual churches or habitations of the Most High, definitely. If they have that true 3rd dimensional relationship, then most certainly so. But those people would know that going to a building and singing, hearing a preacher, and giving money does not define their salvation nor is it a testimony of their spirituality. Their hope, faith, trust, and lives are hidden with Christ in God. The mentality of it being all about my church or your church is where we have truly missed it. Even the word itself is an incrimination of that which the all worship.

With each new church that arises after a split, or a new denomination that is added to the, now more than ones registered, we lay yet another fist to the face of Christ where He is marred to the point that no one can see who He truly is. The allegiance to denomination rather than obedience to Him is at the heart of the illusion.

First, we divided over liturgy or the manner or order of worship, then by doctrine, and ultimately by religion. The Father must be truly confused or we would have the church that He promised. Instead look at what the church, that is more the leadership, has been doing in the shadows and it is Ezekiel Chapter 8 all over again. We moved out of the shadow of what was a type and moved into the light. The construct of what it is to be is all in Him, by Him, and through Him.

This was much more to be desired than a humble and giving form of relationship with the Father and with their fellow man. And this is what we call the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. I weep because so many have been bewitched into believing that they will never have any more of God than the pastor will allow. The princes of the pulpits that have no understanding beyond the elementary principles of Christ are somehow thought of as seasoned men of the word because they wear the three piece suit just right, and the handkerchief is held with the grip of a master mason.

All of these are styling cues that are paraded as their bona fides of spirituality. It seems that we all worship that which we do not understand. How did this whole thing begin? All we did was take an ear from here, and nose from there, an eye from that and then called it God and told the world to bow down and worship it.

We created something to be sure, a graven image. The truth? Man wants the control over the masses. What they say, where they go, what they believe. Self-preservation is the first instinct of man. My friend and brother Fessdo where are you, ole buddy? If going to church brings one peace, how can that be a bad thing?