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Vampires once thought to be mythical, have been discovered, assimilated, and enslaved. Used for blood sport in the gladiatorial arena, their immortal lives are allowed to continue only for the entertainment of the human masses. Book 2: Complication. The myth of Sanctuary was all that kept Mira strong during the endless years of slavery in the Iron Gate arena. When she finally finds it, the truth of what lay behind those well-protected borders threatens to destroy the last shred of her humanity.

Book 3: Revolution.

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Peace is an illusion. Blood, violence, and death follow Mira like shadows. Battle lines have been drawn between human and Otherkin, and a bloody war is on the horizon: one that will end in either a shift in the world's balance of power Salidas brilliantly spins a unique vampire tale that is riveting until the end! Book 4: Transition. Peace is just a breath between battles for Mira, and during this brief respite Mira is gifted one of her greatest weapons.

If she can use this to her advantage, she'll have a new ally in the next battle to come. Book 5: Retribution. Former gladiator turned freedom fighter, Mira has carved a trail from New Haven to Caldera Grove and back, freeing her people, the vampires, from enslavement by the humans. Lucian also decides to be Mira's patron much to both Mira and Olivia's surprise; not the Olivia will be complaining as this will give her more money! Mira doesn't trust Lucian.

Lucian is is wondering if what he learnt growing up about vampires is actually true. I'm not sure if I trust Lucian, I have questions about him and his motives!

I'll see how I feel after book 2! I was hooked on this book from the beginning. I love everything about the book; the characters, the plot and the setting. I especially love how Katie Salidas has turned the tables on the vampires; so that they are no longer the predators, they are now the prey. With the unexpected cataclysm, life has changed as everyone knows it.

It's survival of the fittest, pitting humans and vampires against one another in more ways than one. Food is scarce, as is shelter. For those remaining, things are far too difficult. An unfortunate prisoner of war, Mira has lived in captivity for far too long. Thoughts of freedom cycle through her mind each and every day. Determined to find a means of escape, she does her best to co-exist in the pits she's been sentenced to. A With the unexpected cataclysm, life has changed as everyone knows it.

A formidable gladiator, she's fought for her life every step of the way. Granted, things haven't been easy, but she refuses to bend to anyone's will but her own. Things take an unexpected turn when the city's Regent takes her under his wing. Lucian Stavros is unlike any human she's ever come across. Mira has never placed her trust in anyone before, but there's something about the Regent that draws her interest from the get-go.

For a moment, she can almost believe that he truly wants to change her destiny and that of her own kind. The thought alone is mind-boggling, yet she can't help but to hold out a little hope for a better future. Though she risks a lot by placing her trust in his hands, Mira knows he's the only one who can change her situation outright. She understands that they're walking a very fine line. Should anyone catch wind of their machinations, death will coming knocking around the corner. Still, she's willing to do everything possible to change her fate.

She has to. Remaining a captive of a human society is no longer an option. Somehow, some way, she will find her freedom, even if it means she'll need to put herself in harm's way in order to achieve it. Salidas has always written books that pull you in and never let go. This new series will not disappoint.

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An original and very unique storyline, we'll sucked into the heart of a volatile society in a post-apocalyptic world where vampires exist and humans rule with an iron thumb. A world where being at the top of the food chain means everything. From the coliseum where Mira fights to the Regent's quarters. I found the main character's quips and interactions with those around her quite amusing. There's enough action and humor mixed throughout the book that it'll definitely capture your attention and keep it till the very end.

I'm looking forward to more of this intriguing series. Her performance lends real life to all the characters making them all individualized. I am not sure I would have understood the truth desperation involved without her renderings. The first book is Initiation. This is the second book. I can't wait to listen to Complication! Mira has been a slave in the Arena for 30 years.

Fighting as a Gladiator she is undefeated. Probably the only reason she is still alive. After all she takes nothing from anyone no matter who they are. She has even tried to escape innumerable times Attacked gaurds You name it. She will not be meek and accept her Fate! She knows that one of these days she will escape Or die trying. Will she ever escape? Will she get her friend out with her? Is her determination just a pipe dream? Or will she lose her next fight and be put to death?

Why is she so set upon doing the impossible? Lucian is both shocked and intrigued after meeting Mira. He knows that all he has been raised to believe is wrong just from one short meeting. He feels drawn to Mira and her unbroken indomitable spirit. He needs to keep her safe. Will she help him with his secret plans? Or will his attachment to her be discovered? Will she cause him to lose favor and be removed from power?

Will she be the death of them both? This was a good, original book. The world as we know it has ended and humans weren't the only ones to survive. Vampires came from hiding and formed an uneasy alliance with humans. Humans found a way to control them and now the vamps are slaves. They fight for the pleasure of the humans. The better you fight, the longer you live and the better you live. The best fighter in her area is Mira. She isn't likable and has no desire to be but she wants to survive. She can't trust humans, but one, Lucian This was a good, original book.

She can't trust humans, but one, Lucian, is interested in her and not in the 'normal' way. Maybe humans aren't all bad? I liked the back story of how Earth basically ended and the way humans change. I completely adored Mira though she might rip out my throat for saying that! She was just completely true to herself and what she was. Though she hated humans for imprisoning her, she didn't kill them. I think George was my favorite character. He was a friend of Mira even if she was stubborn and got the other vamps tortured as well.

I wasn't sure if I liked Lucian or not, he is a definite mix that leads to lots of questions. I like how the story line flowed and you just don't want to put this book down! I really enjoyed the whole story and characters.

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Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book. Mira has had enough! I loved Dissension because it was very different from other vampire books I've listen to or read. This world was about to come to an end but the vampire's came out of hiding to help the humans save our world. That was 30 years ago. Since than in the story line. The humans were terrified of the vampires and caged them all out of fear. The vampires have to fight to the death to survive.

The are only feed a minimum amount of blood but only if they are good and fight as their mas Mira has had enough! The are only feed a minimum amount of blood but only if they are good and fight as their masters command. They have been turned into slaves. Fight slaves and sex slaves, slaves that never know if they will survive one more day. Mira is the main prized fighter who hasn't given up on earning her freedom. After 30 years in a cage she starts to fight back for her freedom. She is a real fighter in mind, body and sprite.

Her smart mouth will make you laugh.

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  4. It will also upset you. It is easy to see they need to be freed from having to kill each other for sport.

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    When she was beating or put in the light box. I was unhappy with the masters. I could only think, how dare you. I could easily listen to this book twice. It has you on an emotionally roller coaster from start to finish. The author just grasps you with the unjust treatment of the vampires. The narrator Meghan Kelly has a perfect voice for Mira that helps you really get the Main character. The smarty comments the Mira says are more emotional for the listener. This isn't your typical dystopian book. Where we usually find stories about surviving in times of hardship in a world we don't recognize anymore, here the world has been rebuilt and society has put itself together again.

    And where once vampires and humans co-existed together, humans have made the vampires their slaves. This book has so many things going for it! Salidas does an excellent job describing this new world. All of the characters, no matter how minor, are well thought out and develop This isn't your typical dystopian book. All of the characters, no matter how minor, are well thought out and developed. Overall, I feel this book will appeal to a broad range of readers. Mira is a badass! She's spunky and you can't help but root for her. She's been a slave for longer than she can remember and really wants nothing more than her freedom.

    And it's during one of her escape attempts where she meets Lucian. Lucian is the Regent of the town and a human. But lately he's been questioning everything he was raised to believe about vampires. He develops an affinity for Mira and wants to help her, but she has to trust him. Can Mira learn to trust him? Can Lucian really help her achieve freedom? This is a really quick read and I was sucked into the story from the first page and my attention never wavered.

    I can't wait to read the next book and see how the relationship between Mira and Lucian develops. First let me start off by saying that this author is new to me, but being a fan of both paranormal and dystopian fiction, I couldn't resist the lure of the blurb. I am so thankful that the author chose me to review an audio copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I got caught up in the story right away and was shocked when it finished that I hadn't noticed the time going by. I was just so engrossed in the story and I absolutely love the snarky, strong, smart, witty, and totally mouthy, fearless gladiator heroine Mira.

    Though at times I wanted to snatch her words from the air because of the trouble she could get into. Until coming upon this book I hadn't really thought to a dystopian future where the underdogs would be the very brings that normally tide the top of the food chain. Enslaved, forced to fight one another for the enjoyment of their human captors and masters. Tortured and treated with the utmost inhuman of practices.

    When Mira and Lucian, the human Regent of her area, meet, both of their lives take a turn. I won't say how or let slip any spoilers. Suffice it to say that I definitely recommend this book. The narrator Meghan Kelly, who I've listened to in other books does an outstanding job of bringing even more life to an extremely well written story. This book may be short but it packs a huge punch and definitely leaves you craving more. Salidas does an amazing job developing this new world and all the characters in it and Meghan Kelly brings her story to life with perfect voice, attitude, and timing.

    Mira is a strong willed, kick ass, snarky vampire looking for a way out of slavery for herself and her people. Lucian Stavros is the human region administrator brought up to believe a falsehood about vampires but is willing to learn the truth.

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    George the vampire, while a minor character, is endearing and brings real heart to the story. This audiobook was provided at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast. Pretty please, with a blood chaser bring the rest of the books in this series to Audible. Salidas pulls the reader into a not so fair new world when the old one has collapsed in Apocalyptic ruin.

    Humans have control over vampires, even though they had once been allies. Now slaves, vampires have no say over how they spend their immortal lives. Mira is one such vampire who will do anything to be free from clutches of humanity. This novel started off with a bang and continued supplying action packed scenes the entire time. I love the subtle ways Mira grows as a character throughout K.

    I love the subtle ways Mira grows as a character throughout the book, while still keeping her empowering and snarky nature. I am ready to read the next one! I have not read many vampire books yet that I was impressed by, but this one definitely makes up for those. After the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world came and went, a continent away Mother Earth took her revenge on mankind's abusive treatment and spewed her wrath! She took millions of lives and buried millions more under bricks of ruined city towers. Vampires were forced out of hiding I received an ARC of book one of The Chronicles of the Uprising in return for an honest review, and as I never read this author before, I am amazed at how quickly she held me captive and MUST now read the series!!

    Vampires were forced out of hiding and helped the remaining humans, but hundreds of years later, humans forgot how they worked together and forced vampires into slavery and to fight each other in their gladiator style games. But one tiny female was hell bent to get to freedom. When I started this book, I really had no idea where it was going. Vampires as the victims? Interesting to say the least. That it is a dystopian gladiator type story made it even more so.

    It sort of reflects real life these days.

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    A type of person being grouped all into one, so the discrimination envelops them as a whole. My only beef is that it ended so abruptly, without any resolution at all, but that usually doesn't detract from the story for me. Only wish it were longer! Cannot wait to read t When I started this book, I really had no idea where it was going.