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This fun game is a lot like the game show Password. Split your class into two teams and have them sit together in teams facing the white board or chalk board. Then take an empty chair—one for each team—and put it at the front of the class, facing the team members. Prepare a list of vocabulary words to use for the game. Each team will take turns trying to get their teammate in the hot seat to guess the word, using synonyms, antonyms, definitions, etc.

Make sure team members work together so that each member has a chance to provide clues. The student in the hot seat listens to their teammates and tries to guess the word. The first hot seat student to say the word wins a point for their team. This activity helps kids work on listening, coordinating, and strategizing skills. It works best with smaller students. Have your students stand in a big circle. Ask all the other students to join hands to close up the circle. The objective of the game is to pass the Hula-Hoop all the way around the circle without unclasping hands.

Students will have to figure out how to maneuver their bodies all the way through the hoop to pass it on. This is a great activity to support nonverbal communication skills. Choose 10 students to participate in the first round. The others can gather around the edges and watch. Designate a player one. To begin, player one makes eye contact no words or hand motions with another player player two and gives them a signal that means go.

When player two says go, player one starts moving slowly toward them to take their place in the circle. Player two then makes eye contact with another player player three and gives them a signal meaning go and starts moving toward them. After the first round, switch out the teams until everyone has had a chance to play. Divide students into groups of equal numbers. Pass out an equal number of marshmallows and wooden toothpicks to each group. Challenge the groups to create the tallest, largest, or most creative structure in a set amount of time, each member taking turns doing the actual building.

Afterward, have each group describe what they made. Start by having your students form a circle. Any student who also enjoys the thing you mentioned has to switch spots with another person in the circle. This game shows kids how much they have in common with one another and is a variation of the game above. Everyone sits at their desk or table. The teacher calls out a trait, such as curly hair or freckles, and everyone with that trait raises their paddle.

Give students a few seconds to look around and take note. Play continues as above. This activity helps students discover fellow like minds in their class. Make these four labels and put each in a different corner of the room: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree. Students start in the middle of the room or in their seats.

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This game requires teamwork and close observation. Students stand in a circle. One student the detective steps outside. While out of the room, another student is chosen as the leader to start the motion. The leader begins a motion, for instance, tapping the top of their head, while the rest of the students in the circle follow along. The student in the hallway returns to the room and goes to the center of the circle. After a couple of minutes, the selected student changes the motion, for instance clapping their hands, and the rest of the students follow along.

The detective has to figure out which student is the leader. The detective gets three guesses. Then a new leader and detective are chosen for the next round. This activity helps students pool their creative resources. Students can sit in a circle or at their desks.

Post-Holiday Classroom Activities

The story cannot end until every student has participated. In this game, children stand in a circle and raise their arms then extend their index fingers. Children are told that they must maintain a fingertip on the hula hoop at all times, but are not allowed to hook their finger around it or otherwise hold the hoop; the hoop must simply rest on the tips of their fingers. The challenge is for the children to lower the hoop to the ground without dropping it.

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We look at how to make your summer break reflection a productive one. Top Summer Break Tips for Teachers. Our teacher-tested tips to help you relax and recharge this summer break. A few examples of statements that we may be tempted to speak from time to time Diversity Pays in the Teaching Profession. Having a diverse teaching staff is key to reaching all of your students. Classroom Holiday Party Ideas.

Oh my goodness I just had such heart-warming feelings towards your dad.

26 Awesome Team-Building Games and Activities for Kids

That is so sweet that he does that! As an introvert. But fun topics like people liking ranch is such a great approach! Thank you for sharing! Tragically, not far from the channel tunnel, there was a casualty on the train line and we had to stop. It was getting later and later into the evening, and people were getting tired. That one where you pick a category say, animals and have to name one for each letter of the alphabet aardvark, bear, cat, dog. Before we knew it, the people in the seats around us were joining in.

Well, by this point it was pushing 3 in morning. Bubonic plague! I do this on long hikes with the kids!! Sports teams, athletes, tv shows, movies, cities, countries, boy names, girl names- every kid playing gets to choose a category. It also works when you have insomnia. I went on a LOT of blind dates in my single days. To break up the monotony, I had a few questions I would ask, not looking for a particular answer, but because I wanted to hear the thought process.

One thing I like to ask at parties and when getting to know people is if they could pick any convention to go to real or made up what would they pick.

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Multiple answers are welcome. I think it also is better to ask for three things rather than just one, because instead of freezing and thinking about the single best part of your day, you can just start listing whatever comes to mind. Thank you for the tip! My husband and I have been together 10 years and we have two kids. Before, we would end up discussing our kids the whole dinner. Now, we both actively seek interesting things to talk about: articles, anecdotes, ideas, dreams for the future.

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Great idea :. He had forks already, apparently. I told her he needed to get a job and she agreed — like, why are you buying him spoons?? She told me that if she saw me around again small town she would buy me coffee. I feel like conversation just happens, and I usually talk about whatever pops into my head in the moment, which probably makes this the most unhelpful comment. Instead, I make a little list of things I want to tell him about in person later that evening. I so looked forward to picking him up everyday and asking about the question and his answer to it — it was a beautiful way to learn new things about my son!

I had a high school teacher who did this same thing. Cue mortification for this shy girl! I love this and it is especially sweet that your dad was so thoughtful about putting in the effort. I use them at work for our monthly birthday potlucks put anyone with a birthday that month in the hot seat! Really fun way to learn more about people whether you know them well or not! The seemingly simple questions usually lead to some really interesting stories or insights. What a wonderful tip!

Important: Read this before proceeding

I think you just figured out Christmas gifts for every member of my family! I once heard my grandma talking on the phone with my aunt. Now, I see that it is the stuff life is really made of. We used to have a daily email back and forth that started with what we had eaten the night before!

Can your dad start a twitter or a blog and post his convo starters? I would love a constant source of back-up convo :. Yes yes yes I love this idea…please have your dad share more of his ideas! Loved reading this story Stella. Unfortunately, stellasdad is already take, I just checked. This is topic came at a good time, because we are taking an acquaintance, who is recovering from a spinal cord injury to dinner.

In her wheelchair.

Should games always have a pedagogical value? No.

It is our first outing with her since the accident and bound to be awkward, so I am a little bit nervous. My brother died of ALS, so I am accustomed to handling wheelchairs in public, and talking to people who are differently abled. I love this question which generates really earnest thought and discussion… If you had to give up either cheese in any form, e.

Oh god! It hurts to think about either scenario! This question would probably just send me into hysterics. I love cheese far too much. Sorry in advance for this next one. For when the night has descended into filth I have been known to ask good friends if they could choose any shape for their butt-hole, what would it be?

Kids love this too. I love and am intrigued by this post and the salad dressing topic, made me laugh! I still love ranch or blue cheese dressing but am likely to order something a little lighter most of the time. Knowing how to talk, draw people out, and leave them feeling incrementally better about that moment in their day is one of the hardest and most undervalued things! I am often sent to conferences for work and when I first started my boss was astounded by the glowing reviews from others in the business, and especially clients.

I find asking people about themselves in whimsical open ways such as what was the name of your childhood pet? If you won a trip anywhere tomorrow where would you go?! What is your favorite ride at a fair? It leads them to open up a bit more and remember really fun things they might not have thought of in years! Love, love, love!!! What great questionsand such a thoughtful, meaningful reason for asking them.

I used to worry it would feel too tattle-y or negative, but it has brought about great conversations on many levels. And you get a peek into their day-to-day lives. The teenagers just roll their eyes and hmph. Riveting conversationalists, those teenagers. One week it was Salvation by The Cranberries and the next it was a section of the musical score for Lord of the Rings. Is it not okay to just accept your feelings of awkwardness if you feel awkward at a party? For instance, if someone came up to me at a party and started uneasily talking about ranch dressing, I would likely back away slowly…!

Is it not enough to simply observe the room and organically strike up a conversation with someone who seems interesting to you, for whatever endless number of reasons people are simply interesting? The longer the couple has been together, the better it works. Asking this is almost like giving a little gift- the chance to relive finding their sweetheart! I love this story so much and get a good chuckle out of connecting this story to the guy who sends out mass emails about on-campus events and staff updates. Carefully-phrased, carefully answered. This is a very good question.

I love that you dont always associate it with the place where you grew up. It can mean many things to different people, I love that :. I really love this question. Thanks to your dad for a thoughtful question! This would be a great question because we live in a military community!

I kick off each and every one of my meetings at work, whether with clients or with my team, with a seemingly bizarre question. At first, people roll their eyes, but then they start to really look forward to what the question will be at the next meeting! We each go in a circle, and it ends up allowing the more introverted team members to share stories about themselves they might not have otherwise, and more than once has led to touching moments as people share childhood memories, tidbits and thoughts about people they love, and their own eccentricities.

Allowing for vulnerability about something not related to work and showing your human side in an easy way has made it so much easier to be vulnerable and human about things at work. Who would want to be bugged like that all of the time? It rarely gets used and the swish is pretty. I can not thank you enough for posting a pic from The Wonder Years. Hands down best modern show from the s. That is quite possibly the most endearing Dad story ever.

I believe the genesis was a visit with relatives not known for their expansive conversation skills. I mean everybody. All of the people in the whole world, I mean everybody — no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Hundreds of them. Thousands, maybe. Which has inspired me to repurpose them for future settings! This would be a good Cup of Jo Friday weekly post- one random question without any explanation. My husband and his friend used to call me Miles Russell from Uncle Buck.

I will say, I never lack something to talk about and can always find myself in the center of fun conversations at parties.

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But I am so curious about people! My challenge now in raising a pre-teenager is finding ways to encourage and inspire conversation that HE brings about. We do something similar—high, low, surprise. The surprises are often fun. We also sometime ask Rose, Bud, Thorn rose and thorn are high and low. As for bringing kids into the conversation with other adults big events can be so awkward for kids , I like to ask the adult if they remember something about a milestone my child just went through. What part of my day?