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The action to be taken regarding this would then be Hard to say.

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Moderator Note: I suggest you post the whole reading in the Your Readings forum to get more specific information. The rules of this forum only allow a general discussion of the many meanings of specific cards. You're asking for the interpretation of the cards in specific positions and that's not allowed according to the rules of Using Tarot Cards forum.

I've left this thread because so far people responding to it have stayed within the rules of "the many meanings" of the cards. If you need more specific information, then it becomes a Your Readings thread.

Men to Devils, Devils to Men: Japanese War Crimes and Chinese Justice

Hi Solitaire. I wish I knew the rest of the reading, but at this point, that was last night and I don't recall. When I first briefly reflected on the first post prior to reading the other responses, the first idea that came was to cut the binds that bind falsely.

Eng Sub Arkom (The Devil's Hand of Justice) Ep 9 1/3

This, however, being in Using Tarot, should not be takent as a reading interpretation for the specifics of your situation, but simply as one possible manner in which the two cards together may be considered in terms of an action to be taken. It's interesting that there is a kind of mirror image between Justice and the Devil: each holds an implement some have claimed a sword blade for the Devil but in opposite hands; each has a 'throne', but one sits whilst the other stands; each has two 'pans' excuse the pun 'tied'.

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The Devil's Justice Chapter 1, a Young Justice + Daredevil Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Page 1 of 2. Join Date: 10 Oct Location: moving again Posts: 20, Join Date: 12 Mar Location: Canada. Posts: 18, Aeclectic Tarot Forum Links. This bizarre alliance between these two opposite extremes negates any pretense of righteousness from the get-go. And yet, to the amazement, or amusement, of many Israelis, liberal Jews and Muslim militants are becoming ever bolder, and are now using every available platform to shout their righteous indignation over what they see as raw and inexcusable Israeli injustice.

Shifting the emphasis from land to justice allows the killing of two birds with one stone.

The Devil's Fingers

This twisted concept of Palestinians justice can only ever come at the expense of Israel, which is why the Jewish state has to go. We want to live in a place of justice and peace. All the power to Tamimi. Next Article Previous Article. August 3, Israel Today Staff.