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I think Santa must have those countries on his extra early list! Christmas Eve is also Santa's busiest day of the year when he has to travel over million miles million km to get to every house on earth!

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You can see where Santa's got to on www. In many European countries including Germany, Serbia and Slovakia , Christmas Eve is the day when the Christmas Tree is brought into the house and decorated.

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  • It was also traditional to bring the Yule Log into the house and light it on Christmas Eve. Tradition also said that any greenery such as Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe should only be taken into the house on Christmas Eve. It's also the time that the wonderful book 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens is set and that going out Carol singing was and still is very popular.

    Images of Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, snowmen, reindeer, and candy canes are seen in cards, posters, signs and other printed or marketing material associated with the Christmas celebrations. Images of baby Jesus, the Christmas star, and other symbols associated with the religious meaning of Christmas are also seen during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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    Background Christmas Eve, also known as the Vigil of Christmas, is perceived as the culmination of the Advent season. Symbols Since pagan times, it was customary to decorate with greenery on festivals, especially with holly, ivy, and mistletoe.

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    Big Bird and Patty help Oscar on his feet after being tossed into the air. The cast leave the ice-rink and head back home while singing "True Blue Miracle.

    Big Bird and Patty are joined by Kermit to determine how Santa gets down the chimney. Linda and the kids sign "Keep Christmas with You.

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    Cookie Monster has a hard time contacting Santa Claus. Kermit analyzes the list of answers given by the kids. Snuffy voluntarily gets into a barrel to show how Santa gets down a chimney.