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How similar would that be to your situation? Once again, you are just seeking the truth.

Really I Don't Know (feat. Ricky Rota)

But, how you ask about others is very important. Who else might have the answers to these questions?

What's your reaction?

With simple questions, you can stay on the same side of the table and build trust. I am an author, strategic advisor and internationally sought keynote speaker on integrity-based sales and business development.

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As a services and technology CEO for two Ian Altman is a B2B Integrity-based sales and growth expert. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Credit: Shutterstock.

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The “I Don’t Know What I Want” Dater: What Do They REALLY Mean? - Psych2Go

Can you say that about your company? I know I can't.

We owners of Web-based businesses love to gloat about how many customers make that users we have. But do we really know any of them?

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  6. Sure, we can calculate their lifetime value and figure out how many times they've logged in over the past 90 days, what brand of mobile phone they use, and how much they spend a month. But we wouldn't know who they were if they walked in our front doors.

    What “I don’t know” really means.

    The owners of such locally based businesses as Olivia's don't get glossy magazine covers, and industry websites never claim that they are changing the world. But I am more convinced than ever that we can learn a lot from the Bill Maherases out there. Why don't I know my customers the way Bill does? Obviously, scale is one reason: We have tens of thousands of individual paying customers.

    Another is geography; we have users in more than 50 countries, and it's not so easy to strike up individual relationships with them.

    I Really Don't Want to Know

    But the main reason is that our business is built on self-service. Customers buy Basecamp without ever having to interact with us. If they do have a question, we handle everything via email. We've been in the business of automation. We've never really valued full service.

    What are "disagrees"?

    There is nothing wrong with this. Our customers love our product. And they love that they don't have to talk to salespeople, make any phone calls, or wait for someone to approve their purchase to sign up. But what if we tried to run our business more as Bill does? Is it possible to create a model in which we get to see--or at least hear--our customers on a regular basis; in which we know their names, their businesses, their stories; in which we might even recognize them if we bumped into them on the street? I want to see if we can do this kind of thing at 37signals.

    How much better can we be if we know our customers for real, not just as data points?